By Huwaida - Oktober 27, 2009

What is SMILES? Actually, SMILES stands for Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System. It is the way where we can draw the structure of molecule computationally. There are many steps that we must know when using this system. Doing the assignment on this topic, make me know more about this topic. Dear readers, if you want to know more on how my assignment look like, you can link to this website: (

Here is the attachments that I can display in my blog on how I had done in my assignment:

**Hard day I had in finishing this assignment within 2 days with another hard assignments that also need to be completed. I need to decide which assignment that I want to do first. Better to do it with friends. As we do it together, then we can submit the assignment on time...

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2 ulasan

  1. akak da lm x gune software ni, tp ia mengimbau kenangan akak susah pyh wat structure ni ms 1st year dulu..hehe (",)

  2. Salam...I've viewed your wishes..Thank you!