By Huwaida - September 28, 2009

Who am I?. Question that is diffucult to answer as we can not describe ourselves correctly. Whatever, we should know how to categorize ourselves. It is because we must have something that we need and we want to be. From that, we will know who actually we are.

I always afraid when thinking about that there will be a time where people are going to ask me that kind of question. At first, I think this feeling appeared because I do not know how to answer it. But, when I rethink, actually it is no point for me to be someone like that. It must be another reason. As I am 20 now, then I realize that, it happen because I am the person who like to keep the secret. I do not really like to tell others about myself because I think it is something that is private. However, this thought sometime harm me because 'how people will know you if you do not tell them?'.Now, I will try to tell a bit about myself. As I am not someone like this before, it should be so hard to me to tell others the very details about myself.

I am Huwaida Binti Abdul Azis. Usually, everytime when I told others about my name, there will be a person will ask me about the meaning of my name. So, now I tell you. 'Huwaida' comes from the word 'huda' which means 'guidence'. I am 20 and now Biomedical Science student at International Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM), Kuantan. More important thing that people should know about me is I am the only daugther my parents have had as my other siblings are all male. I think people should be told about this because this situation influenced me a lot on who I am now.

It will be the pages to talk about myself as I am 20 now. Thus, I would like to share an event that had gave me very nice feeling. It is not nice because it make me happy or feels great. But, somehow, it make me comfortable when thinking about that. It is not also really big event. There was a time where I attend my first, maybe we can call 'study circle' or something like 'halaqah' session. I had been asked about my favourite animal and my favourite scenary. At first, I did not thought that I will give the answer quickly as it is really spontaneous question for me. In contrast, I did answered them directly without taking so much time. Do you know what my answers? I said that my favourite animal is ant and I do love ocean. It is an embressing to think about that because it is weird. Instead, I feel nice now when thinking about that. It is a motivation actually. Ant is the hardworking animal although it has small size while thinking or looking to the ocean make us feel small as ocean is too wide.

We are what we are thinking. So, maybe I am also like what I am thinking. Actually, it is hard to say that because it seems like I am upgrading myself. Hehe...Whatever, we should seek for the betterment everyday.

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  1. and I know a little bit more about u know,'s precious to know u more...=)